lo studio avvocato bongiorno
The Firm

The Studio Legale Bongiorno is headed by its founder, lawyer Giulia Bongiorno, a member of the Rome Bar (Albo degli Avvocati) at the Court of Cassation and other higher courts. Having achieved renown in the legal world early in her career after working on the proceedings against Senator Giulio Andreotti in the mid-1990s, she has gone on to defend many well-known figures from the worlds of finance, politics, sport and entertainment in high-profile cases during her intense career.


Giulia Bongiorno is specialised in economic and financial crimes and has gained considerable experience in providing legal assistance and consultancy services to Italian companies and multinationals operating in Italy (also in the role of party damaged by the crime). The legal team is highly experienced in economic criminal law, especially financial, banking, corporate, bankruptcy and tax crimes, as well as crimes against the public administration.

The firm also has considerable experience in all other areas of criminal law. To give some examples:


– Crimes against property, against justice, against public order (conspiracy), against public safety, against public confidence, against industry and commerce, against the person;

– Pollution crimes;

– Criminal labour law;

– Criminal law repression of unfair competition;

– Criminal law protection of distinctive signs and intellectual creations;

– Consumer protection;

– Criminal law protection of health;

– Medical criminal liability;

– Sex crimes;

– Cybercrime;

– Breaches of privacy.


In addition to traditional legal consultancy and legal disputes (before all judicial authorities), the firm prepares and updates the organisational and management models pursuant Legislative Decree 231/2001 (administrative liability of legal entities); assists Italian and foreign companies in acquisitions, mergers and restructuring operations (due diligence), aiding clients to define investment strategies on the domestic market; lodges individual application against the Italian Government for breaches of the rights guaranteed by the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) and provides legal services in preventive measures proceedings, disciplinary proceedings, and sports law cases.


The Studio Legale Bongiorno’s team of expert lawyers – who have many publications to their names and have worked with leading academic institutions – can meet all of their clients’ needs while guaranteeing absolute professionalism, confidentiality and commitment. The team of criminal lawyers works alongside top consultants in the key areas of technical investigation and defensive investigation.