Criminal law cases

The Studio Legale Bongiorno has many years of experience of criminal cases, having assisted and defended clients in proceedings of national and international importance. The expertise acquired enables the team to tackle all areas of their clients’ criminal cases effectively and incisively, whether their clients are individuals or legal entities. The firm has extensive experience in the following types of case, among others:


– Corporate offences

– Banking offences

– Financial offences

– Bankruptcy offences

– Tax and customs offences

– Environmental and urban planning offences

–  Offences relating to medical practice and surgery

– Offences relating to health and safety in the workplace and criminal labour law in general

– Crimes against the public administration, against the administration of justice, against public order (e.g. involvement in a criminal organisation), against public safety, against public trust, against the public economy, industry and commerce, against the person and against heritage.

– Breaches concerning personal data

– Breaches of criminal law governing drugs and mind-altering substances

– Breaches concerning weapons

– Breaches of copyright

– Offences under the highway code

– Electoral offences

– Illegal funding of political parties

– Sports fraud.


More specifically, the firm provides assistance at all stages, states and levels of criminal proceedings. The professional services include examining and studying deeds, document search and selection, defensive investigation, consultation with clients, colleagues and technical consultants where necessary, interviews in prison, strategy development and participation in hearings before all judicial authorities.


The firm also draws up indictments and complaints, as well as notices of objection, defence briefs, petitions, civil actions, applications to summons the party with civil liability for the defendant’s conduct and methods of appeal. The firm’s professional activity encompasses all of the criminal proceedings, from the preliminary investigations to the court case, at all levels, up to the final execution of criminal sentences and surveillance proceedings.


Assistance is also provided during the precautionary stage (petitions and appeals against measures applying restrictions to personal freedom and/or attachment). Counsel is guaranteed at the highest levels, especially the Court of Cassation, including preparing appeals, lodging briefs and new grounds, as well as representation at hearings by Giulia Bongiorno.