Criminal law advisory services

The Studio Bongiorno offers legal advice to individuals and companies in criminal matters. The legal team has expertise in all the traditional areas of criminal law, as well as in criminal law in economics, labour and business in general. The following are the most commonly practised areas of criminal law:


– Corporate offences

– Banking offences

– Financial offences

– Bankruptcy offences

– Tax and customs offences

– Environmental and urban planning offences

–  Offences relating to medical practice and surgery

– Offences relating to health and safety in the workplace and criminal labour law in general

– Crimes against the public administration, against the administration of justice, against public order (e.g. involvement in a criminal organisation), against public safety, against public trust, against the public economy, industry and commerce, against the person and against heritage.

– Breaches concerning personal data

– Breaches of criminal law governing drugs and mind-altering substances

– Breaches concerning weapons

– Breaches of copyright

– Offences under the highway code

– Electoral offences

– Illegal funding of political parties

– Sports fraud.


The legal services provided by the firm include advisory services, oral and written opinions, examination and study of cases, preparation of injunctions, claims, briefs, petitions, reports and complaints, advisory services for defensive investigations, reviews of contracts, articles of association, regulations and documents, search and application for deeds, etc.